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MUDMATE Features

Built-in Tap

With the fully adjustable built-in-tap built into every brush in all the kits in the Mud Mate family, you can now control how much water flows from the brush and even turns the water flow on and off! A super handy feature to help you clean more mud with much less water.

A bristle (and mud scraper) for every job!

We have three different stiffnesses of brush so you can always find one to suit the job in hand. PAW MATE is soft, ULTRA is super stiff, MUD MATE, GOLF MATE and BIO MATE are all medium so have the best of both worlds. All are brilliant quality, long lasting and perfect for cleaning every muddy task AND the stiff and medium bristles even have a built in mud scraper to get a head start on the really tricky jobs!

HEAVY DUTY 500ml Bottle

The Mud Mate family of cleaning kits all come with their own heavy duty 500ml bottle making it truly portable. It is plenty of water to get rid of lots of mud plus, if you need more water, you can attach it to any size fizzy drinks bottle (with a compatible neck thread) up to 2000ml.

Hose Pipe Connector

The jewel in our crown! Every cleaning kit in the Mud Mate family now comes with the game-changing hose pipe connector. This little device connects the Mud Mate brush straight onto a standard garden hose. Perfect for when there's lots of muddy boots to clean or other larger muddy tasks to complete.

waterproof bag

Each Mud Mate cleaning kit also includes a waterproof drawstring bag to store the brush and bottle etc in once you've finished using it. This is especially useful whilst out and about to carry your Mud Mate kit and to prevent getting your car boot and footie kit bag etc wet

Microfibre Towel

The Mud Mate family of cleaning kits all include a large microfibre towel to dry all those freshly cleaned boots, shoes, golf trolleys, paddleboards and anything else you've cleaned, ready for their next use.


Here's what our customers think...

"I need to clean the wheels on my buggy before coming into the house, this has been a godsend! I used to spend ages using a kettle and old brush to clean away the dirt but now this has saved me so much time and thoroughly cleans everything. Definitely worth the purchase."
Lilly green
Perfect for cleaning pushchair wheels
"This is brilliant for cleaning football boots. I also used it for cleaning a granite headstone and it removed all the green from it. Highly recommended"
Richard Davis
Highly recommended
"I bought these to keep outside my back door, I use the hard brush on our boots after a walk and the soft brush works really well at getting bird poo off the car as soon as I spot it, and the bristles do not scratch the paint work on my car."
Andrew G
Easy to use and effective!

Keep them clean with Mud Mate!

Find out more about the importance of cleaning for biosecurity and the prevention of spreading non-native species by watching this informative video by British Canoeing and partners