Welcome to Mud Mate

A story of family, football and great ideas...

Our Story

The Mud Mate story was inspired by our two young sons, football mad
and always getting into muddy mischief.

Lots of parents will understand exactly what we mean, very little of the mud
ever seemed to stay on the football pitch or in the garden and way too much
found its way into places it wasn’t really wanted!

Nolan, after wanting to clean the kids up BEFORE the got in the car tried
and tested other boot cleaning brushes on the market but decided that they
weren't up to the job! They either didn't hold enough water or weren't robust
enough so do you know what he did... he decided to make his own!

And along came Mud Mate

The perfect tool for cleaning muddy boots, shoes and trainers ,wheels,
paddleboards and so much more! It goes on a bottle, it goes on a hosepipe it is
portable, lightweight, robust and easy to use.  

Over the years it has developed from being a brush that sat on a carbonated
drinks bottle to being a range of brushes of different stiffnesses and all
having an integrated tap, mud scraper and hose attachment. The kits come with
various accessories including a 500ml bottle, drying cloth and waterproof bag
and remain really good value.

We are very proud of Mud Mate's humble beginnings by a footie dad trying to
solve a muddy problem. He nailed the solution and we are very excited to see
our amazing brand evolve and grow.

Nolan & Louise