Welcome to Bio Mate Water Sports

Be responsible - Be biosecure


Welcome to Bio Mate Water Sports

Be responsible - Be bio-secure

Why use a Bio Mate cleaning kit

Tackle Invasive Non-Native Species by practicing CHECK CLEAN DRY!

Part of the MUD MATE family of portable cleaning kits, the new BIO MATE WATER SPORT kit is designed to tackle the toughest, slimiest mud, dirt and grime! With its stiff bristles and the versatility of being able to be used on a bottle AND on a hose pipe, it effortlessly removes wet mud, weed, sand, salt water and detritus from your sup, kayak, paddles and equipment to get them clean, dry and bio-secure as per the guidance in the CHECK-CLEAN-DRY campaign

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Bio Mate and Paddle UK

In March 2024 we, with our Bio Mate brand became official partners of Paddle UK

This partnership is to help promote Paddle UK’s Clear Access Clear Waters Charter, and how important the Check Clean Dry campaign is for bio diversity to which the use of the Bio Mate and Bio Mate Water Sports portable cleaning kits lend themselves perfectly!

Paddlers play a vital role in keeping our waters free of harmful species.

Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) are plants and animals introduced into an area outside of their natural habitat and most come from different continents and they negatively impact our health, the environment, reduce water quality and slow down the flow of rivers.

Paddle UK’s partnership with ourselves aims to increase awareness of biosecurity, stopping the spread of INNS by encouraging paddlers to Check, Clean, Dry!
Be responsible - Be Biosecure!

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BIO MATE WATER SPORTS Be Responsible! Be bio-secure! The essential portable bio-secure cleaning kit for cleaning paddleboards, kayaks and all water sports equipment! CHECK CLEA...


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
213 reviews

Love our biomate! So good for boards, shoes and dryrobes too!

Rachel H

Lincoln, UK

Great piece of kit, always good to check, clean and dry. Also nice to arrive home with a clean board

Colin P

SUP Instructor, Grimbsy, UK

Its an amazing product, used mine today on my inflatable board and it cleaned up brilliantly

Robert J

Lincoln, UK

This little kit is brilliant for cleaning down your board straight off the water, I keep mine in the top of my board bag so its at hand

Amanda M

Rotherham, UK

Tried, tested and highly recommended

The SUP Adventure Girl

Filthy board from litter picking now nice and clean & I know I'm not carrying any INNS to the next launch spot

Jo Mosely

Amazing at keeping all your equipment fresh and helps you reduce cross river contamination by cleaning your board after use

Chris Deakins

Grimsby, UK

Squeaky clean board, I love this brush so much

Suzanna P



Want to know more about Invasive Non-Native Species and how you can help?

Below are some short videos created by Paddle UK to help understand the importance of


and what we can all do to help in the fight against Invasive Non-Native Species

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