Bio Mate launches at the National Outdoor Expo 2024

Bio Mate launches at the National Outdoor Expo 2024

As proud moments go none could beat launching our brand new product Bio Mate Water Sports at the NEC in March at the National Outdoor Expo.  

From it's conception last year when one of our team went for a paddleboard lesson and realised there was very little on the market to clean paddleboards with once out of the water; it was obvious that Bio Mate was the solution to a problem all paddlers have but up to now, was tricky to solve! Not any more!

You may think that we only need to clean our boards to look after them but no, it is much more important than that! We need to clean our boards and equipment to prevent the spread of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) that damage our environment and the quality of our waterways, as per the Check - Clean - Dry campaign*!

*Check - Clean - Dry is an initiative by the Non Native Species Secretariat and the North Wales Wildlife Trust to encourage users of inland waterways to "check - clean - dry" their craft and equipment so as to prevent the transfer of Invasive Non-Native Species . These organsations along with Paddle UK are encouraging us all to do this each time we leave the water and certainly before we launch in another location 

So, after that day on the water at Brigg, fast forward 6 months and we indeed now have a portable, cost effective, easy to use solution to the "how do I clean my board" problem that all paddlers have (or should have). We spoke to so many people at the National Outdoor Expo who were incredibly excited about Bio Mate Water Sports and recognise it as a really effective tool to "stop the spread" and help all paddlers do their bit to keep our waterways clean. 

We are incredibly proud of Bio Mate and especially as Paddle UK have made us an Official Partner as they recognise Bio Mate will help promote the Paddle UK Clear Access Clear Waters Charter and the Check - Clean - Dry campaign!

Be Responsible - Be Biosecure!