Paddle UK members receive an exclusive 15% discount on Bio Mate's new portable cleaning kit

Check Clean Dry and paddleboarder

Paddle UK is partnering with Bio Mate to raise awareness and help protect our blue spaces from Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS).

As part of the partnership, Paddle UK members will get an exclusive 15% discount on Bio Mate's new portable cleaning kit, available from their website.

We encourage all paddlers to clean their craft after every use to help prevent the transfer of non-native species.

Ben Seal, Paddle UK's Head of Access and Environment said:

“There are invasive non-native species across the country and they can be transported easily across waterways. As paddlers we have a responsibility that doesn't happen.

“For example, With floating pennywort, it only requires a small bit of leaf, node or stem and they can very quickly regrow.

“There's lots of other species that can potentially create an issue or problem. As a water user you have to be bio-secure to protect the environment.

“Bio Mate Water Sports is a fantastic cleaning kit for paddleboards, kayaks and all water sports equipment.”

Nolan Freebury, Bio-Mate Sales Director, said:

“We are incredibly proud of Bio Mate and especially as Paddle UK have made us an Official Partner.

“They recognise Bio Mate will help promote its Clear Access, Clear Waters campaign and the Check, Clean, Dry message.

“As paddlers, we all have a responsibility to help look after our waterways.

“By using Bio Mate after every paddle not only are we looking after our craft and equipment but we are helping to keep our rivers, lakes and canals free from Invasive Non-Native Species.”

The Bio Mate is an easy-to-use portable cleaning kit that removes mud, weed and sand from paddling equipment to get everything clean, dry and bio-secure before you leave the waterway.

This helps prevent the spread of INNS that damage our environment and the quality of our waterways.

Paddle UK members will receive a 15% discount when purchasing a kit from the bio-mate website using their exclusive code in the members dashboard.

Invasive Species Week 2024

Invasive Species Week is taking place from the 20 to 26 May 2024.

Raising awareness helps to prevent the spread, and reduce the harmful impacts, of invasive non-native plants and animals.

Find out more the week and invasive species by visiting the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat website.