Bio Mate Water Sports! For water craft and equipment


The essential portable bio-secure cleaning kit for cleaning paddleboards, kayaks and all watersports equipment!

The Bio Mate Water Sports cleaning kit contains:

  • Bio Mate brush with adjustable tap and integrated mud scraper
  • Bespoke hose connector
  • Custom heavy duty 500ml bottle
  • Waterproof bag
  • Sponge
  • Microfibre towel


We’re confident that you’ll love your Bio Mate Water Sports.

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Are you a responsible paddler?

Did you know we should all be cleaning our SUPS and watercraft after each use to help prevent the transfer of non-native species between our precious waterways (and to keep them in tip-top condition)

Not sure how? Well we have the answer

Part of the MUD MATE family of portable cleaning kits, the new BIO MATE WATER SPORT is designed to tackle the toughest, slimiest mud, dirt and grime! With its stiff bristles and the versatility of being able to be used on a bottle AND on a hose pipe, it effortlessly removes wet mud, weed, sand, salt water and detritus from your sup, kayak, paddles and equipment to get them clean, dry and bio-secure as per the guidance in the CHECK-CLEAN-DRY* campaign. The sponge is perfect for cleaning more delicate areas of the craft such as transfers and the microfibre cloth, which can be washed up to 400 times, for drying!. 

*For a number of years now the Non-Native Species Secretariat have been running their CHECK-CLEAN-DRY campaign and we are proud to be promoting this to water sports users. More information about the campaign can be found at CHECK – CLEAN – DRY: Guidance for paddlers or please take a look at this informative video from British Canoeing, Biosecurity and Invasive Non-Native Species on British waterways



Searching for a practical gift that any water sports enthusiast will absolutely use and love? Look no further! BIO MATE WATER SPORTS makes the perfect gift for those who enjoy stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing, sailing and fishing or even for simply tackling messy situations.

THE BIO MATE WATER SPORTS KIT IS EASY TO USE, PORTABLE AND READY TO GO:  The BIO MATE WATER SPORTS cleaning brush comes complete with a large heavy-duty HDPE 500ml water bottle that strikes the perfect balance between toughness and squeezability, allowing you to clean when you are out of the water. The integrated tap means you can control the flow of water as well as turn it off and the BIO MATE WATER SPORTS brush  fits onto various used bottles too, from the supplied heavy-duty bottle to your favourite used carbonated drink bottle (with compatible neck thread). Whether you’re at the river bank, the car or wanting to clean your craft and equipment at home, BIO MATE WATER SPORTS is the perfect tool for the job

PORTABLE AND EASY TO CARRY: So it is always at hand while you are just out of the water, the handy bag waterproof bag included in your kit means you can take your BIO MATE WATER SPORTS with you on your adventure or leave it in the car ready to use when you are finished for the day. 

TAKE CARE OF YOUR CRAFT, AND OUR WATERWAYS: Once you are out of the water simply fasten your brush to the bottle, turn on the tap to the desired flow of water and scrub away mud, slime and detritus that have collected on your craft during your adventure or while taking it out of the water. Use the handy sponge to soak up excess water or to give any transfers a gentle wipe over then dry with the microfibre cloth before packing away ready for its next use! If your craft is on the larger side, or if you want to clean your SUP or kayak at home then simply attach the BIO MATE WATER SPORTS brush to your garden hose using the bespoke hose pipe connector, control the water flow with the integrated tap and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to get it lovely and clean 

FINISH YOUR DAY ON THE WATER CLEAN AND DRY: Use the handy microfiber cloth (which can be washed at least 400 times) to dry off your equipment before placing it back in the car then simply place your BIO MATE WATER SPORTS brush and bottle in the supplied durable waterproof bag ready for use next time!

CONNECT DIRECTLY TO YOUR GARDEN HOSE: Cleaning those extra muddy situations? BIO MATE WATER SPORTS features a bespoke screw-in garden hose connector. Simply attach it to your hose, adjust water flow to your preference using the fully adjustable tap, and you’ll experience continuous and controlled water flow, making cleaning those bigger jobs much much easier. With precise adjustable water flow control from the sturdy ball valve tap, you can say goodbye to hard work and hello to easy cleaning.


  • A HEAVY DUTY HDPE 500ml WATER BOTTLE: that strikes the perfect balance between toughness and squeezability, allowing you to clean on the move.
  • INTEGRATED MUD SCRAPER: Allowing you to get rid of the worst of the mud before you start to scrub.
  • INTEGRATED TAP: A game changing design that allows you to control the flow of water whether you are using your BIO MATE WATER SPORTS on a bottle or on a hose pipe.
  • HOSE PIPE CONNECTOR: Another game changer, this connector allows you to fasten your BIO MATE WATER SPORTS brush to a hosepipe for a really deep clean!
  • HIGH DENSITY SPONGE: for mopping up excess water or for gently cleaning more fragile areas such as decals and transfers
  • WATERPROOF PVC BAG: To store your brush and bottle in when not in use.
  • PREMIUM MICROFIBRE DRYING CLOTH: To complete your cleaning experience, we’ve included a large microfiber drying cloth to ensure a dry and polished finish every time.

In addition to being perfect for your watersports equipment, The BIO MATE WATER SPORTS cleans everything that collects dirt and grime! It is your go-to brush cleaning tool for scrubbing a huge range of items. BIO MATE WATER SPORTS works brilliantly on outdoor sports shoes, football boots, walking and hiking boots, camping equipment, pushchair wheels, wheelchair wheels and so much more! BIO MATE WATER SPORTS ensures you are mud and grime free wherever you go



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